Success Story

Alphonso successfully built & deployed a REST API to be consumed by workforce of a construction major in Japan.

The API is accessed from iOS tablet application as well as web interface. The API uses digest authentication & is secured using SSL.

The API hides underlying business logic built on top of MongoDB data source.

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Web Services API

Alphonso specialises in building Web Service APIs.

Through years of experience in building Web Service APIs, Alphonso has established its own Best Practices guidelines for development. With Alphonso, customers can rest assured that the API will be developed in a robust, secure & scalable manner.

Alphonso has built SOAP based Web Service APIs using Spring (Java) or ASP.NET technologies and REST APIs using node.js technology.

The API can be used for inter-module communication in case of distributed applications or can be consumed by mobile and web apps. The API can also be developed for consumption by array of developers creating apps based on customer’s platform.

A well defined API layer, separating business logic & UI, provides lot of flexibility with respect to technology choices & module level design. It makes development of each module simpler as modules stay loosely coupled and implementation detail of each layer is hidden.

Robust authorization is an important aspect of Web Service API. Alphonso has used several authentication schemes ranging from Basic & Digest authentication to OAuth 2. This together with SSL support & password hashing provides secure & well protected API access.