Alphonso Facts

Founded as a Proprietorship Firm
August 15, 2010

Niraj Patkar

Incorporated as LLP
March 29, 2017

Niraj Patkar
Smita Patkar

3, Siddharth Apartments
Near Mehendale Garage
Erandwane, Pune
INDIA 411004

About Alphonso Global Solutions

Based at Pune, India, Alphonso Global Solutions focuses on Software Product Engineering using proven delivery model. Alphonso team has extensive experience in setting up & running offshore product development centers in India & in delivering high quality products for the customers.

Alphonso Vision

To be the most passionate product innovators

Alphonso Mission

Share customer’s passion to convert ideas into highest quality products continuously

Alphonso Philosophy

Indian software industry has traditionally focused on *services* delivery model. While the model has seen tremendous success & growth, Alphonso, takes a contra-approach that is passively, but urgently, demanded by global Software Product Engineering ecosystem.

We, at Alphonso, believe that Software Product engineering needs an approach of its own that is not derived from traditional services delivery model, that defocuses from typical CMMI type process-compliance & so called schedule-compliance & instead focuses on nurturing a different mindset towards people & technology, to attain product quality.

Alphonso takes a holistic approach towards product engineering. Alphonso understands that product is essentially a long term game & hence strives to form life-long relations with its customers. Alphonso believes that people with passion & right choice of technology are essential to building quality products.

Alphonso believes in handpicking people with skills & attitude that would suit the product idea at hand. Rather than forming a team of resources in a quick turnover of sorts, Alphonso takes time to painstakingly find people, each of whom would potentially be a true champion for the product for long time to come. Irrespective of whether it is a developer or tester or support executive, Alphonso, emphasizes on high level of passion, clarity in thought process, obsession for quality, openness towards technology & ability to maintain stability through ups-and-downs of a typical product lifecycle.

Alphonso takes an open & neutral approach towards technology. Though we believe that choice of right technology is of paramount importance for product success, we do not belong to a particular technology camp. We take customer’s choice of technology seriously, but can also arrive at our own independent technology recommendation depending on the idea at hand. Once the choice is made, we dedicate to it whole-heartedly.

We believe in agile process that has small footprint & that is based on common-sense. We can adapt to customer process seamlessly & be a natural extension to customer’s own team.