Success Story

Alphonso delivered SaaS solution for Accounting & Taxation market in Japan.

Solution makes extensive use of MongoDB along with Java API for managing Taxation related data.

Users access the system via an Adobe AIR client which in turn calls into the Web Services API built over elaborate business logic.

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MongoDB Solutions

Alphonso is proud of its impressive track record in creating products & solutions with MongoDB.

With 12+ certified MongoDB developers, 250+ person-months of cumulative experience of working with MongoDB and 3+ years of MongoDB based product engineering, Alphonso is the right MongoDB development partner for product startups and knowledge enterprises.

Alphonso can help you with:

  • Designing efficient MongoDB schema suitable for your prdouct; powerful yet simple
  • Identifying and avoiding typical pitfalls in schema design early in your product lifecycle
  • Migrating data from legacy data sources including SQL
  • Using queries & aggregation framework to simplify implementation of product business logic
  • Optimizing product performance; using indices, correct read/write replica set preferences, sharding

Alphonso development team has vast experience with several development languages & technologies. Alphonso team has used various MongoDB APIs to develop real world products which are in production & being actively used today.

  • Java

Alphonso team has strong expertise in Java Enterprise technolgies including Spring, Web Services, Hibernate, XML, JSON, AJAX. Alphonso team has extensively knowledge of MongoDB Java API.

  • JavaScript

Alphonso team has strong expertise in JavaScript server side technologies like node.js & client side technologies like jQuery, Backbone.js, AngularJS, AJAX, etc. Alphonso team has extensively used MongoDB JavaScript API for shell programming, for writing queries, for data migration, for database administration & maintenance.

  • node.js

The node.js technology needs special mention. Alphonso likes power, flexibility & simplicity of node.js & has developed several web/ mobile applications & REST APIs using node.js/ express + MongoDB stack.

  • Erlang

Alphonso team has developed business critical products using Erlang/ Chicago Boss & MongoDB. Alphonso team has strong functional programming expertise & can extend its functional programming reach to Haskell.

  • C#

Alphonso engineers have extensive knowledge of C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC & SharePoint technologies.

  • C/C++

Alphonso team consists of senior C/C++ developers, with deep knowledge of system as well as application level programming. Alphonso expertise includes developing desktop based products, thick client applications as well as distributed client-server applications.

  • PHP/ Python

Alphonso team has developed MVC web applications using vanialla PHP and CMS faremworks like Joomla & Drupal. Alphonso team has MongoDB developers certified for PHP & Python