Success Story

Alphonso developed web marketplace for learning foreign languages.

It is used by language schools, teachers & students in Japan to schedule & reserve lessons.

Solution uses LAMP stack & is deployed on Amazon EC2.

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Web Products

Alphonso has extensive experience in building innovative, business-driven, user-focussed web products for its customer.

This includes wide variety of applications like:

  1. Web applications which are open to public
  2. SaaS products deployed in cloud
  3. Enterprise applications

Alphonso can engage into a web product engineering initiative at any stage in the product lifecycle.

Thanks to our exposure to wide variety of cutting edge technologies, we can help customers make right technology choices for their products during conception stage. We can help customers in building product POCs quickly.

During product development phase, we can undertake software design, development & testing for complete product or specific modules/ features/ layers. e.g. We can build/test UI layer while customer’s own team builds underlying business logic & vice versa.

Depending on the product roadmap, we can build a steady state core team for maintaining & enhancing the product on continuous basis. Core team can also provide deployment support, customer support (L2/L3), product localization, as necessary. We can rapidly extend the core team to support special requests e.g. customized release of the product for a key customer.

A partial list of technologies at which we excel includes:

  1. Web Frameworks like Spring (Java), ASP.NET (including SharePoint & ASP.NET MVC), node.js
  2. CMS Frameworks like Joomla
  3. Server side UI engines like Jade, Razor, ZKoss
  4. Client side UI frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS
  5. Cloud services API like AWS

Alphonso team can seamlessly adopt customer’s way of working & integrate with customer’s own product team in a cohesive manner. Alphonso team can truly be extension of customer’s own team.